Talking from the BIG heart – Message from the CEO

It has been I while since the last time I wrote.

Life has to be lived, we all find ourselves going up and down searching for greatness (which is a human nature), and either be in money, love, success, friendship or any other things that complete you as a human being. In that journey of searching we come across so many findings that we at times think it’s our destination. Sometimes it can be and sometimes it is a false alarm, but the question remain is, how do we know that we have arrived to our destination?

Here are two possible answers:

Be like an eagle, know what you want and go for it no matter the temptations in the process. “An eagle on the fish eagle advert” aired few years ago, a supreme flies all the way from the sky high, along the way to its prey it passes so many better and bigger preys which are easy catches and maybe better tastier than the one it has identified. The eagle then continue its journey to the deep water and work hard to catch a targeted fish. The eagle identified its goal as a fish and against all odds it needed that fish, then it went for a fish (not anything else). If you are searching for something (as life commands us to), identify it, do your calculations right, be sure (in your mind) about your catch to avoid temptations. Then go for your goals without thinking of a fail. Be like an eagle that spend most of time in the sky planning and for the next catch that when it comes down it goes for a kill!!! A wise man once said “Don’t swing to any ball, wait for a good one to come your way”.

Trust in God who is within yourself without any doubt, identify what you want to search and lead the way asking God within you to guide you. God who is within you is not going to lead you but she/he will guide you if is involved. How will you know that God is with you? “FAITH”, you involve God believing that she/he exist and indeed she/he does. Talk to God at all times and keep it in mind that God as a father wants what is best for you, should things don’t work out be at a known that it is not the right time yet. Never give up, keep going and persisting. Should you find something else that you think is what you also looking for, listen to your inner voice for approval before you celebrate.

The road is not going to be an easy one, you need to be strong and at times you will need to make toughest decision to get what you want.

I will end by saying “Always remember, some doors are not worth going through, even when the handle seems to turn so effortlessly”

Good Luck!!!


Founder & MD

Thikho Events

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