Cape Town Valentine’s Getaway Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book and pay for the event?

You can buy tickets straight on our website or simple WhatsApp us or call us on 082 844 5460 | 079 399 2004.

What are the planned activities?

Friday night: fashion and comedy show

Saturday Morning: Breakfast & Networking Session

Saturday Lunch: Cape Town coastal tour, Wine tour, Wine tasting and Braai Valentine’s picnic lunch

Saturday evening: Concert headlined by afrosoul songbird Zonke, Nathi Mankayi and Afrotraction.

Sunday Morning: Breakfast & Networking Session and we give you some time off on your own.

Can I decide to travel on my own?

You are welcome to travel with your private jet or drive with your own car to Cape Town but once you are in Cape Town and check-in with us, your car will no longer be used as you will need to join the group with the luxury shuttle service. Email us for a quote on or WhatsApp us on 082 844 5460.

What if I live in Cape Town?

If you live in the mother city, you will just need to check-in with us and forget that you are in Cape Town as you will be doing everything with the guests coming from all over. You must sleep in the hotel like any other guest and participate in all activities like a good tourist. Email us for a quote on or WhatsApp us on 082 844 5460.

Can I go meet my friend in Cape Town?

There will be no time to go see anyone and besides, You will miss out on nice activities if you decide to go see your friends. You will see them next time. Let them envy you once they start seeing those nice pictures on your social media accounts.

Where are we going to stay?

Depending on your package, we have a 3-star hotel, a 4-star hotel and a 5-star hotel dedicated to this event. You will be taken care of like royalty. After all you deserve it.

Can we come as a group of friends?

Yes, you can come as a group of friends, we have accommodation that will suit you and you will have an unforgettable weekend in Cape Town.

What is the dress code like?

You will have to adapt to the events and Cape weather, but February are sunny days in Cape Town with temperature ranging from 21 deg to 30 deg Celsius.

For tour, picnic and concert you need to be as relaxed as possible but since it is heritage traditional attire is also accepted (you are welcome to bring an extra set to change during the event)

Dress to kill on Saturday afternoon during the main concert and smart casual on Friday night fashion and comedy show.

Will there be an after party?

Yes, Friday night after the fashion show and Saturday night after the red-carpet event. DJs will be there to entertain you till late hours (of course if curfew starts after midnight)

How many people are allowed to the event?

We are only considering 250 people to this event; this is an exclusive and intimate event with the who’s who of this continent.

What are the Covid-19 prevention measures?

The usual, Sanitizing, Keeping Social distance and wearing of masks. Temperature will be taken as well.

Can I pay bit by bit?

Haibo! Normally our people pay once-off and even say keep the change but if you want to fake it until you make it, you can start by 2000-rand non-refundable deposit to secure you spot. Of course you will get your money back if we are to cancel the event due to any other unforeseen circumstances.

What do we get for each package?

All packages include the following:





Platinum Package is R13 600 for 5 Star hotel room.

Gold Package is R11 600 for 4 Star hotel room.

Silver Package is R10 000 for 3 Star hotel room.


What if I am single?

What if you come back unsingled 😉

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Really? for your own consumption inside your hotel room if hotels allow, yes but you cannot have your own drinks during the scheduled activities. There will be limited complementary drink and a cash bar.

Will I be able to take pictures inside the vineyard?

Own it, take as many pictures as you can, post them on social media and make them jealous. It is your time to glow. Haters will think, it is photoshoped.

What if I miss the flight?

You will have to book your own alternative flight and notify. Please make sure that you arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before the flight.

I run a business and I want to exhibit at the event.

You are welcome to contact us for exhibition space. We have a comprehensive package available. Email us for a quote on or WhatsApp us on 082 844 5460.

I live outside South Africa and want to come to the event.

We will be more than happy to see you in Cape Town. Please contact us today for travel arrangements.

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